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6 Proven Practices for Mobile Device Management

Smartphones and tablets are everywhere. They are our tethers to the rest of the world. It seems like everywhere you look in Nashville, people are face down in their phones. It’s not just on the street. Mobile devices have entered the workplace. The “bring your own device” phenomenon (BYOD) is alive and kicking in Middle [...]

Meet Daniel Akridge

This is Daniel Akridge. In a past life he was a fire safety clown for the Red Cross. Today, he is a Team Leader managing our Support Desk at Concept Technology. With A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications, he is THE right man for the job. Read on to learn more about Daniel and why he's so [...]

Top Tweets from Clients: April 2016

Our Twitter feed has been buzzing with client tweets this month! Brentwood United Methodist Church celebrated the younger members of its congregation, Nashville Symphony conducted a tour of its crib, and much more. Below are just a few of our favorite 140-character communiques from clients in April. Be sure to give them a follow! Want to be featured [...]

Top 10 Technology Trends in Nashville’s Construction Industry

Undoubtedly, it’s an incredible time for growth in Nashville. Cranes consistently span the skyline, proving that expansion is upon us in full force. Having worked for years with a multitude of Nashville-based architectural, engineering and construction firms, we understand first-hand how exciting this time is and how technology plays a role. From taking full advantage [...]

Now Presenting Our Most Effective Network Security Solution Ever

We are constantly evolving and perfecting network security for our clients. It's simply in our DNA. And despite this perpetual dedication to providing groundbreaking and powerful data protection, we're still blown away that our team has officially developed what is nothing short of a network security revolution. Before we unveil our discovery, it's important to describe how we got [...]

Meet BJ Bryant

At Concept Technology we value both professional experience and personal fulfillment. Not only do we offer quality service to our clients, we strive to maintain a work culture that challenges and motivates our employees at work. We want you to get to know the employees who make our organization exceptional. Last month you met Lee […]

Top Tweets from Clients: March 2016

Our clients are doing great things in Middle Tennessee this month. From putting on exciting productions to benefiting the community through donations and special events, they are a busy bunch and they are sharing it all on Twitter. Check out some of our favorite client tweets from March. Want to be featured in our monthly [...]

Just What the Doctor Ordered: Data Security & Healthcare Compliance

Nashville is home to an extremely healthy healthcare industry. The nearly 400 healthcare companies that are based in Nashville contribute more than $38 billion and 250,000 jobs to the local economy. It is the area’s largest and fastest growing employer, and it has an increasing dependence on technology. Between hospitals, research facilities, private practitioners and [...]
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