Your Competitive Advantage



Your plans for business growth and sustainability hinges on optimized technology that keeps your people productive. And that’s precisely what our people do.

With a focus on partnering with the small to medium size business community in Nashville, our award-winning local team of technology specialists engineer solutions designed to give our clients a competitive advantage through technology. We meet with you to learn your business and bring flexible, customized managed IT support services to align with your business goals.

How do we do it?

Comprehensive IT Strategy   
Increased Productivity   
Budget Certainty   
Specialized Industry Expertise   
Enhanced Security   
No Long-Term Contracts   



At Concept Technology, we create, implement, and manage personalized managed IT service plans for every client under a system we call Concept Complete. When building our custom plan for you, we’ll take the unique goals of your company into consideration and create a 24-month roadmap that focuses on achieving and surpassing those goals.

We’re a leader in helping the Nashville SMB market solve technology challenges. We don’t believe in contracts and will never ask you to sign one. Instead, we believe in building partnerships with our clients—ones that provide a business or organization with the tools and capabilities to see increased productivity, greater revenue, a strategic IT vision that can be regularly progressed toward, and the competitive technological edge they need to bring their company to the next level.

Unlimited Helpdesk & Onsite Support
Enhanced Endpoint Security
Quarterly Strategic Business Reviews
Technology Vendor Management & Oversight



To provide the best possible managed IT services, Concept Technology specializes in specific industries. This lets our team members become experts in these industries to best serve our clients. When we build and implement a Concept Complete customized service plan for your company, we’ll pair you with team members who understand your industry inside and out. This lets you take advantage of the best tools, devices, and software in your field.



We’re committed to supporting the vision of your business. To best ensure that vision comes to life, we’ll assign your company with a custom in-house team of IT experts—one that’s built with your unique industry in mind. This team is referred to as your Dedicated Team and will understand the needs of your organization and industry completely, as well as be equipped to handle every situation or issue that may arise.

Your Dedicated Team is designed to offer you all the benefits of a fully managed IT provider with the familiarity of an internal IT department. Your dedicated team is made up of:

Strategy and Business Lead
Your team’s Strategy and Business Lead understands every aspect of your industry and is responsible for overseeing your overarching IT roadmap and budgetary planning as well as making sure the necessary engineering solutions are in place to support your current and future technology needs.
Helpdesk Support Team
Our Helpdesk Support team members are your first line of defense when something goes wrong with your technology. They’ll work with you to resolve any issue from start to resolution, keeping you informed of progress along the way. They’ll ensure that any issue is solved on your terms.
Network Engineer
Your team’s Network Engineer is responsible for constantly monitoring your network and anticipating any issues before they arise. Solutions to any issues are proactive, ensuring your business or organization can continue to run smoothly and efficiently.
IT Directors
Every team will have multiple IT Directors on it, who anticipate any support needs you may have and introduce solutions that boost your company’s productivity. They understand your network and its history and are dedicated to maintaining a technology infrastructure that’s stable, secure, and reliable.
Field Engineer
Your team’s Field Engineer is your onsite setup and technical support specialist. They’ll make routine visits to your organization or business to provide regular maintenance and keep your office’s network running reliably, boosting day-to-day operations.
Your Company's Competitive Advantage
A committed team of IT experts who understands everything about your company’s technology and its goals can help you gain a competitive advantage and accelerate your organization to new heights. Call us at 615.321.6428 or contact us online to learn more about Dedicated Teams.