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Concept Community

When you love your city, you invest in it. For us, that means investing time and energy into the organizations that work tirelessly to create a better community for us all each day. That’s why we launched Concept Community, our philanthropy program that invites our team members and their families to get involved in local community initiatives, volunteer opportunities with nonprofits, and participate in international service projects.

Photos showcasing some of our group volunteer projects:

We use the #ConceptCommunity hashtag to get the word out about Concept Community events!

Operation Give Back:

We’re fortunate to know and serve many of Nashville’s nonprofit organizations through our ongoing support efforts to nearly 1,500 end users each day, and as dutiful servants of this community we’ve created a charitable program that allows us to support those that served our community so well.

How Does It Work?

For every Helpdesk ticket that we receive, we’ll provide a survey for our client to share feedback on your experience.  If you’re willing to give it, we’ll donate $1 to a local charity of the month.  The process is as easy as this:

Step 1:

Login and submit your Helpdesk ticket using our online support portal.

Step 2:

Once we’ve resolved the issue, we’ll ask for your feedback.

Step 3:

We donate $1 per ticket to a local charity of the month!

Our Impact So Far

Since the corporate giving program launched a few years ago, we’re delighted to share that we’ve donated to numerous nonprofits in Middle Tennessee, including our very own clients. In addition to monetary donations, we enjoy supporting the local nonprofit community through company organized volunteer outings where nearly 200 hours of our time has been devoted to giving back.

Let Us Support Your Nonprofit

Steve HalbertTalk to Steve Halbert to learn how we support the technology needs of our growing nonprofit community.