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Nashville Real Estate Industry Managed IT Services

When you’re focused on making your clients happy and closing a deal on a new home or a commercial property, it’s likely you’re not focused on your agency’s computer network. In the event of a system issue or data breach, however, your business could face serious hurdles. We understand that running a business is complex. In order to let you focus on the core tasks needed to run your real estate agency, we’re here to provide information technology support that makes it easy to propel your company forward. Some of the tools we provide agencies with include:

  • Lead generation software
  • Comparative market analysis generation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Property reports
  • Open house management software

Our offerings for the Nashville real estate industry help your agency improve productivity, reduce costs, and create your own competitive advantage. In order to understand why Concept Technology managed services are right for you, it’s important to understand how our services work.

How Managed IT Services Work

As your managed IT service provider, we’re responsible for providing seamless technology that keeps you productive. In doing so, we implement strategies to streamline and improve operations. This has the potential to reduce costs. Essentially, we shift the burden of IT maintenance, so you can focus on running your agency and managing your employees.

Our goal is to deliver a standard higher than what you could achieve managing your own IT. There are a number of benefits to entrusting us with our IT needs, which include:

  • Utilizing your staff more efficiently
  • Reducing downtime and profit loss
  • Increasing your scalability
  • Focusing on your business’s core needs
  • Knowing what your IT costs are

With us, you never receive a surprise bill. We set up a structured payment plan that keeps you out of the dark. There’s also the added benefit of no long-term contracts or agreements.

IT Services for Real Estate Professionals in Nashville

In order to stay competitive in the ever-evolving real estate industry, you need to utilize the latest technology. This helps you improve productivity and gain exposure to possible clients and access to critical data.

Part of our service includes 24x7x365 monitoring. As your managed IT service provider, Concept Technology monitors the health, security, and speed of your network. We recognize that problems can arise suddenly, so we work to anticipate problems and prevent them from forming. No matter when an issue occurs, even if it’s after-hours, we get experts on the case right away to reduce any negative impacts on your company.

Part of managing your IT services revolves around ensuring your mobile devices are reliable. When you have employees in the field, they need to be able to access the internet, their emails, and your employee database. Conducting business on the go is made easier when you have a managed services provider.

We also provide enhanced security solutions. Data breaches happen often, and information can easily be stolen. It’s our commitment to implement solutions that protect your sensitive information, so you never have to worry about it falling into the wrong hands. We also back up your data in a number of ways so that in the event of an unpredictable natural disaster or blackout, we can quickly restore your system so your operations can continue.

In addition to monitoring your network and ensuring its security, we want to make sure we’re working together with you to solve your technology issues and meet your goals. We want the information we provide to be easily digestible. If there’s terminology that’s too technical, we break it down for you, so everyone stays on the same page.

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Grow Your Business with Concept Technology

If you’re ready to take your real estate agency to the next level with our services, reach out to our experts to learn more about our managed IT services. As leaders in providing IT support, we begin by assessing your current operations and needs, so we can provide customized solutions for your company. With our experience and knowledge of the real estate industry’s IT needs, you’ll see the positive impact of our services in no time.

After we have an understanding of the issues and challenges your business is facing in regard to technology, we work on incorporating new strategies and solutions to solve those problems. We also work on incorporating the latest technology and IT industry trends. This involves an in-depth quantitative analysis of your network’s technical capabilities and infrastructure. Depending on our findings, we can make recommendations regarding improving your system’s performance and reliability.

Once a network assessment is conducted and upgrades are made, we begin monitoring your network and ensuring your agency can remain as productive as possible. Contact us today for more information about our Nashville real estate industry managed IT services.