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In order to be successful as a nonprofit organization and further your mission, it’s crucial to have functional technology that supports your efforts. No matter what industry you’re in, having specialized Nashville nonprofit IT services delivered from one of Nashville’s leader in supporting the nonprofit community can boost your staff’s productivity and ensure you provide the best services possible to your patrons and target groups.

Since 2003, we’ve dedicated ourselves to our thriving Nonprofit Community and we understand the solutions necessary to ensure operations are running as smoothly as possible. We ensure that your data is secure, your platforms and donor management apps are working harmoniously, and your staff has the necessary resources to be productive and carry on your mission.

If you’re ready to improve your organization through innovative IT services, let’s have a conversation. We offer well-defined, tailored plans to all of our clientele—ones that take every need and goal of the company into consideration. We call this offering Concept Complete. Because we only serve the small to mid-sized businesses in the local Nashville area, we can devote the time and attention your nonprofit needs. In order to understand just how beneficial our services can be, let’s look at how we determine which solutions are best for your nonprofit.

The Right IT Solutions for Your Nonprofit

More and more organizations are realizing the usefulness of managed IT services. One of the greatest advantages of working with a managed services provider is having the ability to scale your IT needs as your organization grows. Managing your network on your own may seem feasible in the beginning, but it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date with the ever-changing landscape of technology releases to keep your hardware and software current without the help of a managed services provider. We ensure you have the latest tools you need to succeed, including:

  • Online fundraising software
  • Donor database management
  • Constituent relationship management
  • Wealth screening
  • Event management software

Traditional IT service models are centered around a “break/fix” philosophy. This means that organizations paid companies to fix IT problems when they arose. Today, this is ineffective because technology is so critical in every aspect of business—from managing day-to-day operations to tracking events for fundraising efforts and getting in touch with donors. That’s why we offer 24x7x365 monitoring. This means that we watch your network constantly. We have the ability to anticipate problems and solve them before they fully emerge. Not only does this save you money, but it also reduces the downtime your nonprofit experiences.

In addition to monitoring your system regularly, we ensure your data is secure. We understand that you have sensitive data that needs to be protected. We build a specific, detailed backup and disaster recovery plan for you to minimize your exposure to risk in the event of a catastrophe or breach.

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Managed IT Services for Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit is an umbrella term that includes establishments like non-governmental organizations (NGO), foundations, and grass-root organizations. We strive to fully understand the unique needs of each type of nonprofit, so we can customize a plan that aligns with your needs and goals. Our Nashville nonprofit IT services can help you spread awareness about your mission, make connections, and facilitate action in your community.

With limited funding, it’s rarely practical for a nonprofit to have in-house technical expertise. That’s why we offer remote and on-site maintenance and services. We understand that reducing the number of daily interruptions to your workflow is a must. With our system, we’re able to handle the majority of issues or updates remotely in a short timeframe to keep your office running smoothly.

Our team of IT professionals understand that efficient budgeting is key to best managing a nonprofit. You have limited resources, especially when government funding decreases or gets cut. In order to help with that, we build a cost predictable plan for you that can easily be built into your budget and ensures every dollar you spend on IT is used to its fullest potential.

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With how prevalent technology is today, it’s likely your volunteers, donors, and sponsors are turning to digital resources to support your cause. If your network experiences downtime or your system is unreliable, you could lose out on opportunities or profits that could seriously help your organization.

That’s why it’s so important to work with a managed IT service provider. Concept Technology can evaluate your system for inefficiencies and determine what steps to take to ensure your network remains accessible and working to facilitate business growth. Whether you’re looking to improve your network security, leverage cloud computing, or stay current with all the latest hardware and software, we have the tools you need.

To learn more about the technology services we focus on delivering to the local Nashville nonprofit community or to set up a meeting with a team member to discuss your organization’s customized plan and an IT assessment, contact our office today. We learn as much as possible about your business so we can design IT solutions that help you achieve your mission.