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Nashville Healthcare Industry IT Services

Nashville is home to a growing and diverse healthcare industry, and now it’s the largest industry in the region. It’s more paramount now than ever to ensure the functionality and security of your organization’s technology. As your managed service provider, it’s our duty to improve your operational efficiency, boosting patient care and make you more competitive in your specific area of practice.

To do just that, we anticipate risks before they happen. We work hard to address every issue with timeliness and responsibility. Partnering with us means you receive the support, services, and attention needed to manage and maintain your IT systems. Our IT specialists have access to leading market tools and software like:

  • Medical practice management software
  • Electronic health record software
  • E-prescribing software
  • Hospital management software
  • Urgent care apps

Since 2003, we’ve served clients in and around the greater Nashville area. This allows us to deliver to our clients the custom services they need to perform at their top level. We provide team members, and the organizational and server support you need to maintain or grow your business.

Let’s take a look at why managed services are important for businesses in the healthcare industry, and how our services help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

The Importance of Healthcare Industry IT Services  

As regulations shift and technology innovations are introduced in the healthcare market, it’s crucial to have the ability to adapt to disruptions. The IT services and infrastructure behind a healthcare business play a vital role in determining the success of an organization. This is because facilities need to be able to meet patient demands and stay up to date with the ever-evolving realm of technology.

When you partner with us, there are a number of things we can do for your business. Examples of positive outcomes include:

  • Facilitating better communication between patients and medical providers
  • Ensuring you’re compliant with regulations such as HIPAA
  • Improving overall patient satisfaction

Even though the managed services we provide happen behind the scenes, they’re critical when it comes to powering applications and storing and securing data that’s regulated through industry and government requirements. The services we provide also prevent businesses from falling behind with backups and patches, which could result in an IT outage or another problem that may negatively impact the company’s bottom line.

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The Benefits of Working with Concept Technology 

When small and mid-sized businesses in Nashville work with a managed services provider like Concept Technology, there are numerous advantages. The first is that companies can reduce their costs. We don’t charge you for situations as they arise. A system like that can quickly drive costs up. Instead, we constantly monitor your systems and offer fixed-price models. With this type of billing, you can budget for our services and you’ll never be caught off guard by a surprise charge.

Unlike working with a break/fix IT services provider, we offer 24x7x365 monitoring. This means that you have comfort and security that your information technology systems function as you need them to and any issues are resolved as they happen, instead of after the fact. In order to prevent issues from arising, regularly scheduled, routine maintenance is performed so our technicians can identify risks and opportunities that aren’t easily identifiable to most end users. When an issue does occur, more than 75 percent are resolved by the first support analyst.

For every local business we support via our managed services to, we develop a tailor-made IT strategy with associated budget considerations. This ensures the technology you’re using delivers the desired positive outcome to help your business succeed. The network security aspect is particularly important in healthcare due to the stringent regulations associated with safeguarding the PHI, PII and other sensitive client data being actively managed. In order to share data and documents securely, we can implement innovative cloud computing – which focuses on infrastructure as a service.

When you run into IT issues, we ensure your data is protected with reliable data backup and recovery systems. Not only does this protect your systems and information, but it saves you money because you’ll have less downtime throughout the year.

Request a Network Assessment

If you’re ready to have your IT services managed by a reliable and experienced outsourced team, schedule and appointment or request a network assessment and risk analysis. You can contact us online. To complete the assessment, we review your current network systems and infrastructure. We also evaluate your antivirus effectiveness and your network performance. After we’ve gathered the information we need, we can begin formulating our recommendations to help your office.

Whether you’re currently overseeing your own IT or you’re working with a break/fix provider, our industry-leading healthcare industry managed IT services for the local Nashville market can provide you with the support that increases your profits and gives you the opportunity to focus on your business.