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At Concept Technology, we believe in giving our clients the services and tools they need to run their local businesses here in the Nashville area smoothly without fear of the frustrations we know can arise when it comes to managing modern technology. We understand what can go wrong with technology and the impact that it has. Server downtimes, security breaches, lost data, and malfunctioning PCs and mobile devices can be more than frustrating.

In order to keep local small and medium-sized businesses going forward full-throttle, we develop a unique, customized IT strategy for all our clients under a system we call Concept Complete.

Under Concept Complete, your organization’s IT tactics become more than a simple game plan. It will become a fully managed, personalized service plan—with a roadmap for all current and future technology services and improvements we’ll be assisting you with, as well as a strategic thought process that takes all the goals of your company into consideration. Every business has unique financial, revenue growth, and internal goals. We incorporate those goals into each of our Concept Complete service plans we create, implement, and manage.

Services We Offer

As part of every Concept Complete service plan, we offer the following services and more:

Concept Technology’s Proven Approach

At Concept Technology, we take the following approach to working with a new client– one that focuses on building a long-term partnership that’s centered around technology that creates a competitive advantage for your company. Our approach focuses on three elements: Security, productivity, and forward thinking.

Here’s what our approach looks like:

Download the full-size infographic here.

When you sign up as a client of Concept Technology, we’ll build out and assign a custom Dedicated Team to you that understands your specific industry inside and out. We’ll work with you to establish and understand what you’re seeking to accomplish within your business so our team can act as your trusted technology partner.

Your Dedicated Team members will work with you to ensure your individualized Concept Complete managed services plan is serving you the best it possibly can. We’re here to work for you—not the other way around.

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