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Nashville Strategic Business Reviews & Technology Planning

Technology transformations are taking place in major industries every day. From healthcare to construction, nonprofits, and more, it’s important for companies to stay up-to-date with the latest innovations. If your business is running on archaic IT systems, you could be losing money without even realizing it. In order to prevent monetary loss and increase your company’s productivity, we provide strategic business reviews (SBRs) and continuity planning sessions, which allow us to build an accurate roadmap with budgetary considerations.

Concept Technology is a managed services provider in Nashville. We help small and medium-sized businesses with their technological needs. From ensuring data is backed up and protected to installing the latest hardware and software, we make sure your business can operate at peak performance.

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Building Customized Solutions

When we conduct a first quarterly strategic business review with a client for the first time, we assess their current operational maturity to determine what their technology needs will be in the future. Because we specialize in small to medium-sized businesses, we’re able to devote the time and attention needed to build a successful 24-month IT strategy and roadmap with a defined budget for every client. Our core product offering, Concept Complete, includes software management, hardware, backup and recovery functionality, cybersecurity, managing updates, and more.

We are all committed to advancing your business goals through technology, and doing so requires a dedicated team of experts. That team’s primary goals are to provide strategic and technical oversight that support your current and future technology needs. Specifically, your Dedicated Team focuses on overseeing your IT roadmap, budget planning, routing onsite technical support, Helpdesk support, and engineering solutions that boost your productivity and keep you competitive in your market.

Your Dedicated Team is designed to offer you all the benefits of a fully managed IT provider, with the familiarity of an internal IT department. Each team is skilled and trained in the trending IT needs of your industry. Your Dedicated Team includes a core group of roles ranging from Support Analysts, Field and Network Engineers, IT Directors, and Vice Presidents of Client Success. The Support Analysts, through our helpdesk, are your first line of defense for any problems that arise. Our field engineers serve as your onsite network specialists. They’ll set up the necessary hardware and software in your office and visit regularly to conduct maintenance. Behind the scenes, our network engineer with monitor your system to anticipate problems and enhance productivity.

The Importance of Strategic Business Reviews

Concept Technology performs quarterly reviews for our clients. This provides clients with the opportunity to address any questions they may have, and it gives us an opportunity to show you how your company has improved within its technology operations. During this time, we focus on:

  1. Strategy and results that have and will produce a positive impact for your business. If there are any major hurdles your company wants to overcome in the next quarter, we’ll come up with solutions that will work toward achieving those goals.
  2. Data from the previous quarter to understand what’s been accomplished. This includes data from service tickets, endpoint management, network security defense, user training, and more.
  3. The ROI for how your company has benefited from managed IT services – which often revolve around superior service, more end-user production, and how technology has helped facilitate the growth of your business.
  4. Evaluation and next steps. We recognize that not every business needs the same managed services. We’ll adapt our services to best meet your company’s needs, so you can continue to grow and profit.

Grow Your Business with Concept Technology

Whether you’re just starting your business, or you’ve managed your own IT for years, our experts can help you. If you’re ready to propel your business forward with a new IT strategy, contact our office today to learn more about Nashville strategic business reviews and technology planning.