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In order to successfully manage projects, collaborate creatively, design and edit websites or footage, or deliver an exceptional guest experience, a business’s technology must be up to date. Managing information technology is a challenge, especially in industries like entertainment and hospitality. That’s why, as a leader in managed IT services, Concept Technology works with companies to improve and maintain Nashville entertainment and hospitality industry IT services.

We work with small to medium-sized businesses throughout Nashville. When we help local businesses improve their IT strategies, there’s a positive impact on the entire community. Not only do we streamline and simplify your operations so your employees can boost their productivity, but our managed IT services also provide you with new opportunities to increase your profits and meet your goals.

IT Solutions for Entertainment and Hospitality

In the entertainment and hospitality industry, success is contingent upon the technology a business implements. Staying one step ahead of other companies means the difference between efficiently managing people, costs, and resources, or losing money. We help local companies acquire tools and software like:

  • Public relations content management
  • Content distribution
  • Marketing and media relations software
  • Social media monitoring
  • Production cost trackers

Staying ahead of competitors means implementing technology that improves the experience you provide for your clients and customers. Some of the newest innovations in entertainment and hospitality revolve around network efficiency, relationship management, and globalization.

A business’s network needs to be able to handle the increased demand for bandwidth. Factors like large file sharing, editing programs, and other technologies can stretch traditional networks thin. With our managed IT services, your network can handle all that you throw at it.

Relationship management involves being able to quickly and efficiently handle tasks like contract negotiations, sponsorship arrangements, royalty calculations, and client demands. Our IT specialists have access to the software, hardware, and tools to take care of those vital functions. We also help you with streamlining procedures and automating processes.

Part of dealing with rights and royalties involves managing vast amounts of data regarding intellectual properties, usage, and more. We can provide you with solutions for business interruptions, so you remain flexible and scalable through all operations.

Managed IT Services Tailored to Your Needs

If you manage your IT needs internally, you could be facing preventable downtime and profit losses. When you work in an industry like entertainment or hospitality, you often rely on repeat business and positive reviews to boost profits. If your network crashes often and your customers or clients have a poor experience, you need to take steps to improve your technology. Working with a managed services provider like Concept Technology is the most efficient way to do that.

Developing managed services for your label, studio, entertainment venue, or hotel requires a customized IT strategy. We recognize that each and every one of our clients is unique. That’s why no two of our Concept Complete plans look alike. We start by conducting a network assessment to determine the current state of your network. Then we work on developing unique strategies to improve your security, creating reliable backup and recovery methods, and ensuring your hardware and software are as current as possible.

One of the benefits of having around-the-clock monitoring is consistent billing. Unlike the traditional “break/fix” model, we won’t write you separate bills if issues arise. Instead, you can factor us into your budget with our structured fees.

We constantly monitor your system, so as to anticipate problems and take measures to prevent them from happening. If an unpredictable issue does arise, our helpdesk support experts and engineers work to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition with Concept Technology  

As your enterprise grows, so do your IT needs. In order to manage the overwhelming stream of data and applications, your network needs to be reliable and secure. Whether you run a production company, entertainment venue, record label, hotel, touring company, or resort, you can count on Concept Technology to meet and excel past your needs, so you can provide your customers and clients with the best services possible.

If you’re ready to add Nashville entertainment and hospitality industry IT services to your company, reach out to our IT experts. We can examine the current state of your network and determine how to efficiently implement new strategies to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and increase profits for your business.