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Nashville Help Desk Support

At Concept Technology, we enjoy having face-to-face interactions with our clients. However, we also make ourselves available online to handle issues quickly and efficiently. That’s where our industry-leading Nashville help desk support comes in.

Concept Technology employs one of the largest helpdesk staffs in Nashville. Because of that, more than 75 percent of client issues are resolved by the first support analyst who engages with them. Through our Concept Technology Support Portal, we deliver quick and effective resolutions to whatever problems you’re experiencing.

Our Support Analysts are part of a larger Dedicated Team who provide routine onsite support and business reviews. Each team includes Vice Presidents of Client Success, IT Directors, Fields Engineers, and Network Engineers trained in the specific needs of your industry in order to assess your environment, and identify opportunities and threats.

Unlimited Helpdesk Support

Managing a successful company can be overwhelming at times, especially when business is booming. In order to facilitate office work and get quick solutions to problems, it’s important to have access to quality help desk support. Complete help desk services, which includes our web portal IT support, are available through our managed service support. Expert technicians can track and monitor multiple issues to find the fastest solutions to keep systems running effectively.

The benefits of having such a service include:

  • Efficient Monitoring. With our helpdesk, you can monitor and track the current status of your service requests. This way you can keep an eye on how we’re working to resolve problems.
  • Single Point of Communication. Instead of calling multiple numbers and being transferred from operator to operator, our helpdesk offers one-stop solutions for all your problem, questions, requests, and complaints.
  • Fast Problem Resolution. Advanced help desk solutions save time and effort. Instead of spending hours of a workday focused on solving an IT issue, our support team saves you time by handling the problem for you as efficiently as possible.
  • Boosted Productivity. When your employees have the ability to complete projects without issue, productivity increases. Instead of taking on issues alone, our helpdesk can communicate with your team members and ensure task management is running smoothly.
  • Educating Employees. Every time you contact help desk support, the knowledge that comes from the solution can be stored away. Valuable time and effort is saved if future issues arise because your staff can identify what’s going on so our experts can fix the problem faster.

Accessing Web Portal IT Support

When you run into an issue with your network, there’s no need to wait on hold and lose valuable time out of your day. Our help desk’s innovative web portal provides you with the IT support you need in a convenient fashion. Simply submit your issue to us online and we start working on a solution as soon as possible.

Logging a Ticket

Regardless of how you log into our helpdesk support portal, the way you report your issue stays the same. If this is a new issue, you create a new ticket. You can enter the details of your problem and you also have the option to upload images and documents. Once you submit the ticket, our helpdesk team members get to work on resolving your issue while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Getting Support

We recognize that you’re busy. Because of this, sitting down to discuss IT issues over the phone isn’t always practical or easy. Instead, our technicians provide you with ticket updates via email. You correspond back and forth until the matter is resolved. This is the most efficient way to resolve any IT issues you’re experiencing. Our technicians take the time they need to look into the matter without disturbing your workday.

Accessing Additional Features

Aside from logging and checking on your ticket, there are additional features you have access to through the helpdesk support portal. After a ticket it logged, you have the option of adding additional notes or attachments as you see fit. There is also a timeline that shows when the ticket was created, what its status is, and when it was closed. Additionally, you have access to closed tickets and a live chat with our experts.

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Partner with Our Help Desk Technicians

When your business has dedicated IT support through a managed services provider, you can rest easy knowing your company’s functions and activities can be performed with minimal resources and maximum efficiency. Our team has the skills and expertise needed to distinguish good from bad IT practices. We can solve problems efficiently with solutions that effectively align with your organization’s needs and goals.

With our Nashville help desk support your business can function smoothly, so you can focus on building your business. If you have questions about how our help desk works for our clients, or you’re interested in learning more about our managed IT services contact our IT team of technology professionals today. We can meet with you and walk through a complete rundown of our services, so you can learn how Concept Technology can help your company thrive.