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Nashville Business Continuity Planning

Even when a managed services provider monitors and maintains your network, unpredictable disasters happen. These disasters take the form of power or generator outages, inclement weather or flooding, cybersecurity issues, or other malicious attacks that strike without notice. In the event of a disaster, you want Nashville business continuity planning to ensure your information remains safe and plans exist to get your systems back up and running as quickly as possible.

A complete backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system protects your company’s data no matter what situations arise. As your managed services provider, we strive to understand your business and how a disaster could impact your operations. We make recommendations for backup and recovery plans based on your company’s unique model of operations.

To recognize the benefits of our BDR services, it’s important to understand how business continuity planning works and why it’s so important for your business.

How Our Business Continuity Plans Work

Part of the complete managed IT services we provide our clients with includes business continuity planning. This is a process that creates a unique backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your company from potential threats. With the right business continuity plan, we can protect your assets and keep your teams safe and operational.

To start, we conduct a business impact analysis to understand your business’s critical functions and the resources that support them. Also, we highlight the possible risks that could impact your operations, such as cyber-attacks or natural disasters like floods and fires. Once we identify any threats, we develop a comprehensive plan that also addresses what mechanisms ensure your staff can continue working properly.

We conduct tests to ensure the safeguards work and we make sure your office understands what happens in the event of a disaster. Finally, we review that process annually to make sure it’s as current and as effective as possible.

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Managed IT Backup

Without managed services, the way you save your data may be inefficient. In many cases, people save files in random places on their computers. Disorganization can lead to decreased productivity. On top of that, a computer’s data may be irretrievable. To prevent all of that, it’s important to have data backed up in multiple places.

Managed backup systems conveniently store critical data. We continuously monitor the system, which ensures successful backups. Additionally, we offer Nashville cloud computing services that have the ability to provide time-efficient file restores or an entire system restore.

Determining how to save your business’s data is important. For instance, saving files to a flash drive may seem like an easy solution, until the device goes missing or the data gets corrupted. To ensure files are accessible to another computer, image-based backup is the route we highly recommend because it’s more comprehensive than other alternatives.

The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

The second part of a successful BDR plan is the disaster recovery plan. When your business faces a natural disaster or cyberattack, it’s important to have a system that gets operations back up and running quickly.

Local backup is useful when your system is still operational and you need data restored. When your entire facility is taken offline, it’s important to have your information backed up with cloud computing. While cloud systems can be problematic in regard to data leakage and security breaches, we ensure that you retain ownership and control of your data.

We develop your personalized disaster recovery plan by gathering information about your company, analyzing which departments or systems are the most vulnerable, determining the risks your business could face, and developing an in-depth strategy for recovery in the event your data is lost or compromised. We also review, test, and maintain the plan.

We are partnered with Datto to provide both a BDR appliance in our client’s office as well as to push their data to a cloud environment. Datto allows our clients to instantly restore from either the device or the cloud, giving them access to backup data in as little as 6 seconds, lowering downtime to the absolute minimum.

Here are just some of the recovery options Datto offers:

  • Bare Metal Restore with Fast Failback
    • Minimize downtime during a metal restore by virtualizing the server and automatically copying new data to the production machine once the BMR has finished.
  • Rapid Rollback
    • Restore file systems to working order after major unwanted changes have occurred, without needing to reimage the entire machine.
  • Diskless Restore
    • Virtualize a recovery point from any target hardware capable of booting from a USB stick.
  • File Restore
    • Recover multiple files and/or folders.

Protect Your Business’s Data with Concept Technology

With a hybrid back up and disaster recovery system in place, your business’s data is protected. While we can’t predict problems, we can provide peace of mind because your information is retrievable. To learn more about Nashville business continuity planning, get in touch with our IT experts today.