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In order to meet state-set standards, many education facilities have initiatives focused on student engagement, differentiated learning, curriculum development, and collaboration. Those goal areas are more easily met when combined with technological solutions. If your school or academic institution is looking to meet its goals faster, our Nashville education industry managed IT services can help.

Every day, educators create new and exciting learning experiences for their students. In today’s classroom, technology plays a significant role in creating experiences that encourage interactive learning and secure navigation.

As a leader in providing managed IT services, we help businesses, organizations, and facilities manage the complex area of information technology. There are a number of services we can provide your school with that helps you reach positive results and reduce your network’s downtime. Less downtime in a school means fewer learning disruptions for students and less hassle for teachers. To understand just how beneficial managed IT services are, it’s important to understand the relationship between education and technology.

The Correlation Between Technology and Education

When we first sit down with a school or academic institution, we want to discuss your goals. We understand that your facility’s network has to be operational at all times, or else the school’s performance suffers. That’s why we closely examine your institution’s system and determine how we can best help.

Once we understand your goals, we can determine how technology can make those goals attainable through our managed IT services. If you’re unsure of whether a technology partner like us is a fit for you, read through the following situations and see if either of them apply to your organization:

  • The IT department is stretched thin. It’s normal for school districts to have an IT department. As your facility grows, however, it can be a serious challenge to keep that department up-to-date. You may not have the resources to train employees regularly to keep up with technological changes and advancements. Our IT specialists stay abreast of all changes in the IT field, so your system is properly maintained.
  • The staff and faculty are growing. As you add new people to your education team, you need more computers and more classrooms. That requires more connections. Ensuring those new systems work well with a network that is already established is crucial.
  • Reliable backup and disaster recovery plan is nonexistent. While our constant monitoring can anticipate problems, there are issues that are not predictable. In the event of a natural disaster or data breach, you need to have your data protected. Student and employee information, financial records, and more need to be secure and recoverable.

Outsourcing your school’s technology management to a well-trained managed services provider ensures you can stay focused on providing students with the education they need to excel.

Customized IT Solutions for Academic Institutions

There are a number of benefits to having an outsourced managed services provider included in your budget. You may even be able to use any cost savings to build up your other learning initiatives. We also increase your staff’s productivity because they’ll be faced with less frequent ongoing technology-related challenges. The tools that help with that include:

  • Administrative software
  • School information management software
  • Assessment software
  • Corporate training
  • Graphic software

Our IT services include support like remote monitoring, helpdesk support, anti-virus protection, cloud file syncing, quarterly reviews, mobile device management, web security, disaster recovery plans, employee education, hardware leasing, predictable billing, and emergency after-hours help. With those services, your system is well maintained, your hardware and software are always up-to-date, and with regularly scheduled backups, your data and sensitive information is secure, even after the most unpredictable disaster.

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Managed IT Services from Concept Technology

At Concept Technology, we have a full roster of IT professionals experienced in the education sector who understand that there are no one-size-fits-all IT solutions. We work to address your unique technology needs, so your facility can thrive without worrying about a system or network failure.

We create unique managed IT plans for every client under a system we call Concept Complete. Our custom plans fit the unique needs of every business and industry we work for and in. When paired with 24x7x365 monitoring, we make sure your networks and systems are protected and running at peak performance even when school isn’t in session.

Located locally in Nashville, we partner with academic institutions throughout the city, so our region can continue to thrive and flourish economically for years to come. Your school receives the time and attention it deserves since we specialize in working with small and medium-sized companies.

We believe meeting in person is a crucial part of working with our clients. When we meet for the first time, we evaluate your current IT system and determine what we can do to make improvements. When you work with us, your school can focus its resources on faculty and students, instead of worrying about your technology. If you want to learn more about how our Nashville education industry managed IT services can help your school stay on track, get in touch with us today.