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Nashville Dedicated IT Support Team

At Concept Technology, we believe the most efficient way to manage your technology needs is by developing a dedicated IT support team that is solely focused on serving the local small to medium-size business community.  With our Nashville dedicated IT support team, you have a smaller team of experts who already have an understanding of your industry, your business goals, and your network in the event a problem arises. With only a few details from you about what’s going on, we work on solving the issue without taking up too much of your time.

What It Means to Have Dedicated IT Support Team

Concept Technology strives to provide your business with customized services that meet your IT needs. Part of that customization involves a Dedicated Team. A number of IT experts, like client success leaders, directors, analysts, and engineers, work together to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

It’s important to us that you become familiar with your support team, and they’re equally as familiar with you. To best serve you, each team includes strategic and technical oversight, and technical resources. The experts working under strategic and technical oversight are responsible for overseeing your technology strategy and 24-month roadmap to ensure we are aligned with your goals. They help you with budget planning and engineering solutions that work for your unique needs.

Your technical resources are your first line of defense in the event a problem arises. When you log a ticket through our support portal, they are the ones that get back to you. Your technical resources also include the people who provide onsite support and ongoing monitoring.

To support your business’s mission, your dedicated IT support team provides you with the benefits of a managed services provider and the familiarity of an internal IT department. When an issue arises, you work with the same set of analysts to handle the problem, so everyone is on the same page.

Onsite Tech Support

While our help desk can solve a number of your problems remotely, we’re aware that not all problems can be solved that way. Sometimes, onsite tech support is needed. When we visit your business in person to fix a problem or to update your hardware, we may identify other issues that we wouldn’t be aware of digitally or over the phone. We also understand that while remotely logging into a workplace is safe, in-person services can seem like a more secure way to troubleshoot problems that involve sensitive information.

When we bring a new client on, we work diligently to understand your business and learn as much as we can about your network, system, and office. When a problem arises, we won’t need to wait for a tour of the facility to locate what we need to work on. We know where to go so we can start on resolving the issue. Additionally, onsite services reduce costs. It’s more cost-effective for us to regularly visit your office and take steps to maintain your network and security than it is to only show up only when there’s a problem and have more work to do to fix it.

When you have regular onsite service, your equipment lasts longer and is more dependable, downtime is minimized, and costs decrease while profits rise.

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Managing your company’s IT needs is nearly impossible without the right team of specialists supporting you. When you work with Concept Technology, you have access to your Nashville dedicated IT support team that understands your business and gets you the support when you need it most. They have a complete understanding of your system and goals, so they can arrive at a solution that makes sense for you. To learn more about the benefits of having access to your own dedicated IT support team in Nashville, contact us today.