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Client Spotlight: Equitable Trust

Published on Mar 22, 2012 at 11:10 am in Tips & Tricks.

One of Concept Technology’s newer clients is Equitable Trust, a trust and investment advisor for over 20 years.

Equitable Trust is 100% local. The firm is based in Nashville and has no other branches, which means that Equitable Trust’s 20+ employees are focused on providing valued wealth management, investment, trust and estate counsel and planning for the Nashville community, your friends, family members and co-workers.

Equitable Trust’s Nashville-centric and personal approach to its clients also extends to its business partners. It’s highly important for the firm to partner with other locally owned and operated businesses whenever possible.

Because of the changing demands of IT technology, Equitable Trust has always felt that it isn’t feasible for one IT staff member to keep abreast with changing technology, so the firm has always outsourced its IT needs, which include two servers and 21 workstations.

So when the firm was looking for a new IT vendor, they came to Concept Technology for help. Equitable Trust wanted to find a local partner who was aligned internally as they were and able to respond to issues with expertise and consistency.

“Consistency of service is key. When we have an IT issue, it’s extremely helpful to get someone to come out who is familiar with our IT configuration to address our needs,” said Darlinda Jones, senior vice president and trust officer for Equitable Trust. “Everyone at Concept Technology has been extremely helpful and effective in communicating issues with us in layman’s terms.”

In Concept Technology’s first 90 days of working with Equitable Trust, we’ve been able to update aging equipment, replace the firm’s firewall and add an additional internet source to build in redundancy and increase Equitable Trust’s efficiency.

We are looking forward to continuing to find ways to optimize Equitable Trust’s performance and build a long partnership with this great company.


  • Choose vendors who match the core values of your business. If your organization values local ties and close, family-type relationships, pick a vendor who’s independent, local and treats its clients with the same closeness and respect.


Equitable Trust

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