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How to Know You’re Getting the Best Service Possible from Your IT Provider

Published on Nov 28, 2016 at 3:24 pm in Tips & Tricks.

IT service provider

Whether you’ve worked together for two years or two months, are you happy with the attention you get from your IT service provider? Are they always right there to help you out of a bind, or is it hard to get an appointment in a pinch? Are they proactively providing recommendations for ways to improve your system’s performance, or are they mostly there to pick up the pieces when things fall apart?

Here’s a checklist of ways your partnership should benefit your business. How many ring true for you?

My IT service provider:

  • Provides a customized IT strategy
  • Is proactive and not reactive
  • Regularly consults with us on optimizing our technology and planning for future technology needs
  • Visits us onsite weekly (or as needed) to check on our IT and find any problems before they happen
  • Keeps us informed of the latest advancements in technology devices and software
  • Advises us on the most effective technologies and how to implement them
  • Guides us on budgeting for future hardware, software, upgrades, licenses and more
  • Gets us great deals on top, enterprise-grade hardware and software that aren’t available to just anyone
  • Helps our company develop and implement a technology purchasing plan
  • Ensures our company’s mobile devices sync securely with our network
  • Helps us outline and implement a BYOD policy
  • Ensures our valuable data is automatically and securely backed up
  • Tests our backup system at least every 6 months
  • Is knowledgeable about all current cyber threats and watches for possible attacks
  • Monitors our system remotely 24/7 and alerts us to any issues immediately
  • Can diagnose and repair our network before a crisis hits
  • Offers secure cloud hosting and file syncing
  • Provides free web security
  • Provides anti-virus protection and anti-spam filtering
  • Doesn’t make me sign a long-term contract
  • Provides regular, detailed reporting of what is happening with our system
  • Provides unlimited helpdesk support
  • Helps us set up and implement a disaster recovery plan
  • Responds quickly and expertly to any technical issues that arise
  • Is our first phone call when we have a technology issue or question
  • Has a dedicated team of support analysts ready to troubleshoot our issues

If you checked the majority or all of the boxes, we’re happy to hear your IT service provider is treating you well! If there were boxes left unchecked, it may be time to look into what services your company is missing. Give us a call; let’s talk about it.