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Top Company Culture in a Top Tech City

Published on Sep 12, 2016 at 9:28 pm in Concept Culture.


Tech on the rise

With a 68% industry growth rate since 2010, Nashville was recently named #2 on the list of fastest growing cities for tech jobs by Fortune. Concept Technology is honored to be part of our city’s vibrant technology industry.

Because of Nashville’s rising status as a tech city, more people with technology skills are moving to town – which supports the growth of local tech firms like ours and encourages other tech companies to move here, continuing the cycle.

Concept Technology team members are energized by providing top-notch managed IT services to small and mid-sized businesses in Middle Tennessee; we like the sense of accomplishment of a job well-done and we get a kick out of seeing our work play a role in our customers’ success. We hire others who feel the same and we support them by maintain an invigorating office environment that fuels personal and professional growth. We believe company culture is key to building and maintaining a strong team of thoroughly engaged and fulfilled people, who are more likely to give our customers the kind of outstanding service that sets Concept Technology apart – which may explain why the Inc. 500/5000 ranked our company as Nashville’s top outsourced IT services company this year.

Businesses with upbeat, enjoyable work cultures experience a 282% average growth in employment, as opposed to a mere 36% in a typical office culture.

Effects of company culture

Our company culture is based on our commitment to enhancing the lives of our team members and their families, which is one of two core values that guides everything we do. (The other is to always act in the best interest of the client.) Some of the things we do to maintain this team-centered culture are:

  • Free coffee from a local gourmet coffee shop
  • A fully stocked kitchen
  • Holiday parties
  • LAN parties*
  • Catered breakfasts
  • An on-site fitness facility
  • Beer Fridays

*You may be wondering, “What’s a LAN party?” It’s one way we reward our people and give them the opportunity to build friendships within the company. Translated from “geek speak,” LAN stands for local-area network. During our parties, team members bring their computers to a designated area of the office to play games together. We’ve even broadened our LAN parties to include activities for non-techies like trivia and board games. And we throw in free pizza and beer. What’s not to like?

According to Forbes, the average increase in revenue for companies who maintain a “performance-enhancing culture” is 682% versus 166% for those companies who do not. A 500% difference? You better believe it!

Not only will the right work environment help enhance the lives of our team members; it also plays a big role in attracting the right people. As we continue to grow, we look for team members who can seamlessly join the intimate, family atmosphere we work so hard to maintain. The same study in Forbes found that businesses with upbeat, enjoyable work cultures experience a 282% average growth in employment, as opposed to a mere 36% in a typical office culture. Our goal is to be an organization where the world’s top tech talent wants to work, and we do our best every day to achieve that.

Because we believe in Nashville and its people, we emphasize community service through company-wide service projects and financial donations. Our team volunteers with local organizations like Second Harvest Food Bank and Hands On Nashville, and each time a client completes a survey about our work, we donate $1 to a charity in Middle Tennessee. (And that adds up!)

For those who discount the value of a positive, interactive work culture, Concept Technology is proving why it matters. We’ve been recognized by Entrepreneur, the Tennessean and the Nashville Business Journal for our outstanding company culture, and we know our company’s success is fueled by team members who love their jobs.

Culture contributes to employee performance

The Concept Technology team is known for going above and beyond for our clients. We attribute that dedication to both our team members’ work ethics and our company culture. A team member who is satisfied in his job is more apt to be productive and efficient, contributing to a company’s overall success, based on a study published by Questia. Because we value job satisfaction, our team members are eager to solve problems and help clients, making us a leading service provider in the Nashville area.

To be effective in our industry, we must continually develop our skills and learn about new advances in technology. We offer regular training courses, certifications and webinars to better equip our team members with the knowledge they need to meet the growing needs of our clients.

Because we are in tune with our team members and their work environment, we attract and keep top-of-the-line tech experts who ensure our clients’ needs are met efficiently. This leads to a low client-turnover rate, which fuels the growth that enables us to expand our company and continue developing some of the world’s most promising tech talent.

The growth of Nashville’s technology industry touches and influences nearly every business in town, and we are thrilled to see our city embrace the industry we love. The influence of technology in Nashville will only continue to increase, and we are excited to be a source of information and expertise to our community.