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Why Concept Technology Inc. is in Germantown

Published on Dec 8, 2015 at 5:35 pm in Concept Culture.

We didn’t have to be in downtown Nashville. We didn’t have to be in Germantown.

It’s not by accident that we’re here. It’s by choice.Concept Technology Inc. Nashville

We’re aware of the cheaper rent and extra elbow room outside of Davidson County, but Concept Technology Inc. has a commitment to Nashville’s urban core. And thus, we’ve intentionally made our home in Germantown.

We’re definitely not alone in choosing to reside in the inner city. Concept Technology was recently recognized by the ICIC and FORTUNE as one of America’s fastest-growing companies in the inner city (for the fourth time). We are honored to be included in a list of companies that see that innovation, growth and proximity to downtown are connected.

Why do we believe it’s important to be near downtown?

Relationship with our clients

We could do more of our work remotely than we do, which would allow us to be farther out. And we could always drive longer distances to our clients. But staying central gives us more face time with our clients. Each of our clients has a designated technician that they work with directly. Building these relationships is important to us, and the closer we are to our clients, the more natural our communications are.

Support of city growth

The inner city is a magnet for risk-takers and go-getters. In the city, diversity is encouraged. People from all over the world have found their way to Nashville seeking some kind of dream.

We want to be a part of making Nashville even greater. For Nashville to emerge as a top tech city, there has to be an undying commitment to the downtown area by companies who are born out of the city’s great entrepreneurial sprit.

We exist for more than just IT support and we are a part of a larger narrative here in Nashville, so that’s why we’re sticking close to the heart of the city. But why Germantown?


If you’ve been around Taylor Street or 5th Street lately, you’ve experienced the energy that’s happening here. What was once a lively manufacturing sector went through a dry spell after the decline of industrial factories.

Now, there’s a revival on every street corner. The Nashville Sounds stadium shot up in our backyard and we enjoy all the positivity and camaraderie it’s creating in our city. Our home is alongside some of the coolest companies native to Nashville, including Red Pepper, Stratasan and Nisolo. We’re creating such a stir that Uber, a product of San Francisco, recently decided to put down some roots in the neighborhood. Welcome to the block!


Concept Technology is more than information technology – we’re a company of creatives and makers. We appreciate the arts and couldn’t be more at home in Germantown. With innovative cuisine like Rolf and Daughters and new coffee shops like Steadfast, we’re quite impressed by our neighbors. Not to mention, co-working spaces like Deavor and The Skillery are grooming some of Nashville’s best young entrepreneurs and makers.

Photo by Kaldari/CC BY 2.0.