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Nashville Law Firm IT Services

For those who work in the legal field, being able to depend on technology in and out of the office is crucial. Lawyers often need round-the-clock access to their computer system and an efficient way to retrieve electronic files and perform case research. If a law firm’s network experiences downtime, the consequences could be severe, especially if confidential client information is lost or destroyed. That’s why we provide comprehensive Nashville law firm IT services to local organizations.

Our team has put in the time and work to recognize how crucial managed IT services are to the business operations of the legal industry. In order to attract new clients and retain previous clients a law firm has to be able to depend on a reliable and highly secure IT infrastructure. Our industry-leading team of IT experts evaluate a law firm’s technology needs and build a plan that provides customized solutions, some of which include:

  • Litigation Support Platforms
  • Document Management Systems
  • Document Creation and Digital Dictation
  • Document Comparison
  • Practice & Billing Management Software

Our services reduce the system errors your employees experience and decrease your downtime, so you gain a competitive edge, improve your firm’s productivity, and increase your bottom line.

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Why Are Managed IT Services Important?

Your IT system is the backbone of your business, and it’s our job to manage and monitor every network device. In order to understand why managed IT services are so important, you need to understand the benefits. The primary benefits of law firm IT support include:

  • Client Relations. Our managed IT services support the ways you interact with your clients. We manage and monitor phone systems, document sharing, video conferencing, and account management. Ensuring interactions run smoothly is a top priority.
  • Mobility. When you’re in a meeting or out of the office, it’s important that your mobile devices allow you to access the information you need. We make sure your company’s devices are connected to your network so all team members can stay productive while on the go.
  • Security. Reputable law firms protect their clients’ highly-sensitive data. In the event of a breach, a decline in clients is a distinct possibility. We make sure your network is secure, so all sensitive information is protected.
  • Performance. For any law firm, time is valuable to lawyers and their clients. Inconsistent performance or frequent downtime makes tasks like case management and research difficult. When our IT specialists monitor your system, your company’s overall performance improves.

In addition to these, our team assesses your current system and network and learns as much as possible about your firm’s goals. In doing so, we can create personalized recommendations for your practice, so you keep your clients satisfied and your costs down.

Expert IT Services for Law Firms in Nashville

When you work with us, we provide your firm with a number of managed IT services. We refer to them as Concept Complete Services, which are broken down into three levels of support: end user, infrastructure, and organizational.

Team member support refers to the services you need on a daily basis, which includes unlimited remote monitoring, helpdesk, and onsite support, anti-virus protection, anti-spam filtering, web security, and mobile device management. Those services ensure your law firm can complete daily operations in an efficient manner in and out of the office.

Our server support manages your system onsite and offsite with services like security patch management, on-premise or hosted email solutions, firewall management, and a backup and disaster recovery system. It’s also important to note that we’re here for our clients 24x7x365, which means if you have problems after normal business hours, our emergency after-hours helpdesk is available to answer your questions and take a look at the issues you’re having.

Our organizational support revolves around your goals and the plans we need to put in place to make those goals achievable. For your law firm, we work on ensuring you have access to real-time network documentation, quarterly strategic business reviews, regular performance reports, long-term IT planning, a disaster recovery plan, hardware leasing, and more.

Save Money and Time with Concept Technology

If you’re looking to take your law firm to the next level, you need a strong and reliable network backing you. While managing your own IT needs internally may seem like a more cost-effective strategy, doing so can actually cost you more in the long run.

When we set up a plan for our clients, they are fully aware of what the associated costs are because we operate on a system that allows our clients to easily place us into their budgets with our cost predictable approach. We’ll never present you with a surprise bill, even if a problem arises.

To learn more about how law firms in Nashville can leverage our managed IT services to help your business thrive, set up a meeting with us today. Because we only work with small and mid-sized firms, we can dedicate the time and power needed to develop an IT strategy for your office. Contact us today to set up meeting to discuss a network assessment.