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Client Spotlight: Bradley Extended Care

Published on Apr 20, 2012 at 8:09 pm in Tips & Tricks.

The IT goals of Bradley Extended Care, a local retail health store and closed-door pharmacy filling 12,000 prescriptions a month, are simple: Implement a system that’s effective, accurate and secure, and develop a partnership with a local IT provider who can readily support that system.

For over nine years, Bradley Extended Care has provided one-stop shopping for Middle Tennessee’s prescription medication needs, durable medical equipment and medical supplies within a 60-mile radius of Nashville. Bradley Extended Care is part of Bradley Health Services, which includes Everything Diabetic, a full service diabetic center; Bradley Drug Company, a prescription provider; and Bradley Health Care, a leading provider of durable medical equipment.

A Concept Technology client since August, Bradley Extended Care has one server and approximately 30 workstations. Six days a week, the company depends on its IT technology to process insurance claims and prescriptions. “Extended Care processes 12,000 prescriptions a month – and that doesn’t even factor in our sister businesses. If our system is down for even two hours, you can imagine how backed up we become,” said Pamela Cornachione, administrative assistant for Bradley Extended Care.

Bradley Extended Care (understandably) expects reliability from its IT provider. The company also requires experts in business IT, rather than residential IT, which means:

  • Rapid response from IT engineers
  • Engineers who are on-call nights and weekends
  • The ability to get someone on the phone when needed
  • Engineers with a good sense of proprietary software


To fill Bradley Extended Care’s needs, Concept Technology has set an hour-long conference call with the company once a week to discuss routine issues. For emergencies, engineers are available to help remotely, or can visit Bradley Extended Care’s West Nashville location the same day a problem arises, even after the business closes at 7 p.m.


  • For companies that process a lot of sensitive data, timeliness and security are key components of their IT strategies. Invest in an IT provider who can provide almost-immediate response and a depth of expertise.


Bradley Extended Care

5206 Charlotte Avenue

Nashville, TN 37209