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How Outsourced Technology Improves Workplace Culture and Employee Satisfaction

Published on Oct 3, 2019 at 2:34 pm in Tech Advice.

Keeping up with technological advances is challenging, especially when you’re operating a business. As a result, important elements of your company, like your employee retention and workplace culture could start to suffer.

Interestingly enough, there are a number of ways that outsourced IT impacts your business. We’d like to share what we’ve found to be one of the most critical outcomes to outsourcing your IT department—improved workplace culture and enhanced employee satisfaction. Both factors that heavily influence a business’s overall success.

How Outsourcing Technology Improves Your Workplace Culture

When you outsource your IT needs to a managed services provider, you can place more focus on other facets of your company. Instead of worrying about securing your data, backing up information, or tracking down the latest software updates, you can implement strategies that improve your workplace culture.

The workplace culture you establish for your business is significant because it attracts potential talent, drives engagement, and impacts performance. In regard to the impact of outsourced technology on your company, there are direct connections to improved employee satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Improved Satisfaction

Employees are happier in their work when they have the ability to get their jobs done without interruptions. When a managed IT services provider keeps an eye on your system and anticipates problems, your employees won’t run into unexpected issues. Any problems that arise can be taken care of quickly and efficiently, to ensure productivity doesn’t dip.

When your employees are satisfied, they are more productive, less likely to call off frequently, work well together, and look for opportunities to grow with the company. There’s also the added benefit of increased client satisfaction. When your employees are satisfied in their jobs, the work they put out is of higher quality.

Click through this great infographic that breaks down eleven statistics about employee happiness and the impact to your culture and your bottom line.


Higher Retention Rates

Depending on your industry, retention rates can be challenging. The more stressful the industry your business resides in, the more likely you are to have a high turnover rate. Fortunately, a managed services provider can help you improve your retention rate.

When your employees aren’t asked to perform tasks beyond the scope of their position, they not only become more productive, but they are less likely to become overworked and leave. A reduced turnover rate improves normal operations. You don’t have to worry about continuously replacing employees and the employees you retain are happier in their positions.

Retaining employees also benefits your business’s bottom line. The cost of turnover is expensive, especially if positions go unfilled for a significant period of time. Retaining employees saves you money on recruitment, hours spent on interviews, and lost productivity.

The benefits of outsourcing your technological needs don’t stop with improving workplace culture and enhancing satisfaction. From reducing your costs, to creating a competitive advantage, and more, we can help your business excel. Give us a shout!

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