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How to Take Advantage of Existing Technology that Can Help Your Construction Business

Published on Dec 19, 2019 at 7:19 pm in Construction.

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Even as technology rapidly advances, a number of construction companies are conducting business in a similar way as they did decades ago. In order to improve project organization, keep workers safe, and stay competitive with other businesses, it’s important to take advantage of existing technology.

According to the 2019 Global Construction Survey, 20% of construction businesses are behind the curve when it comes to being ready for the future. These organizations are struggling to deal with immediate issues because of the lack of a longer-term strategic vision for technology, governance, and people.

Improve Project Organization  

Construction companies used to operate under the method of design, bid, build. This method is not effective for boosting productivity because it makes it difficult to streamline processes in the way industries like manufacturing has been able to do; however, a number of companies still operate under this concept.

Project management information systems (PMIS) offer a realistic jumping-off point for construction companies looking to advance into the digital age. Designed to integrate project elements into one easily manageable location, a PMSI can make a project manager’s job much easier. Adopting project management software also lets companies securely collect data and keep track of project costs.

Make Worksites Safer

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries because of the intense physical labor, heavy equipment, and unpredictable weather conditions. Because of that, it’s important to always be working on improving onsite safety for employees.

Technology plays a large role in improving safety measures. For example, wearables allow companies to monitor workers in their environment to make the job site safer. Wearable tech is embedded in apparel and personal protective equipment like hard hats and safety vests, and outfitted with biometrics and environmental sensors, WiFi, voltage detectors, location trackers, and more. That technology can help prevent repetitive motion injuries and slips and falls.

Stay Competitive

Clients and customers gravitate toward companies that demonstrate an affinity for working with technology, as opposed to businesses that resist it. Having that adaptability shows a willingness to make changes based on what’s more convenient and efficient.

For example, today’s client wants to see 3-D printing options. Not only do clients like seeing a small scale design of what their project will look like once it’s completed, but it can save companies money on labor and materials—which is another selling point. There’s also the issue of sustainability being important to customers. Incorporating technology can reduce the amount of waste for any project and help create more energy-efficient buildings.

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