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A Nonprofit Client Showcase: Improving Technology for the Nashville Children’s Theatre

Published on Jul 11, 2016 at 3:45 pm in Client Spotlight, Nonprofit.

Nashville Children's Theatre

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When the curtain rises and the show begins, the audience at the Nashville Children’s Theatre (NCT) is in awe of the play unfolding before them. There are a variety of aspects that go into bringing imaginations to life – many of which happen behind the scenes, including staging, rehearsals, costumes… and technology.

Concept Technology is privileged to work with many of Nashville’s nonprofit organizations, like NCT, and we believe in and support the work they do. We also get that nonprofits need technology that performs well and stays within specific budgets, which is why our managed IT services are primed for center stage.

A Huge Supporting Cast

Nonprofit organizations are masters at doing a lot of work with little dollars. For the Nashville Children’s Theater, they are able to get the biggest bang for their buck with our fixed-price billing model. From regular on-site maintenance to unlimited helpdesk support to remote monitoring, anti-virus protection and more, the Concept Technology cast members ensure NCT’s IT never gets stage fright. And we supplement that assurance with a strategic IT roadmap and a stable technology budget.

Nashville Children's TheatreWe also help nonprofits plug in to the variety of technology-related resources they may not know are at their fingertips. For example, our team introduced NCT to Tech Soup, a nonprofit that receives contributions from major software providers like Microsoft and Adobe, as well as public and corporate donations. That allows Tech Soup to cover the high costs of product licenses and offer them to nonprofits for free or at deeply discounted rates. Because of this help, the Concept Technology team was able to successfully migrate NCT to Microsoft Office 365 and modernize their email system. Now NCT is feeling freer and more creative thanks to their upgraded IT.

Putting the Cloud in the Spotlight

Eventually the curtain will close on the life of a network server. The investment required to replace it – which can be in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 – is a capital investment that not all nonprofits are able to make. When NCT’s server needed to upgrade after a 10-year run, our team provided a much more cost-effective solution by moving them to ConceptCloud File Sync.

Now NCT has a more reliable process for backing up data and replicating files. Instead of relying on a USB drive or other external drive to store data, their files are constantly and automatically saved, and they can be restored to previous versions at the drop of a hat. If a file were to somehow get corrupted, they’d be back to the last good copy before you could say “Break a leg!”

ConceptCloud File Sync also provides powerful management features NCT didn’t have access to before, like the ability to easily share documents and to log on and manage files between workstations. Plus, our savvy team created a customized workaround for NCT so they could use some older operating systems with the new technology.

Bottom line: We enjoy working with Nashville nonprofits and we know how to help them further their mission through the use of technology.

Let the show begin!

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